State government is broken. We need a champion who will fight for us: Democrat Jolanda Jones.

Republicans have broken health care and public education. They’ve cut the funding that pays to keep us safe from crime – and then lied about it. They’ve made a mess of the economy and made corporations and campaign contributors even richer. They can’t even keep the lights on when it freezes.

Republicans may have broken our government but they can’t break Jolanda Jones. Authentic and unafraid, Jolanda will never stop fighting for us.

Jolanda rose from a childhood of poverty to the Academic All American Hall of Fame, a successful career as an attorney reforming our criminal justice system, and a life of public service fighting for our kids, families and seniors.

Now Jolanda is carrying the torch to Austin to be a champion for affordable health care, better jobs, safer streets and stronger schools – for all of us.

Jolanda will use her proven experience as a successful city councilwoman, school board member, Democratic Party leader and devoted mom to keep our families safe – not just from crime but also from the politicians in Austin whose first priority is cozying up to Donald Trump.

Jolanda Jones always fights hard for Democrats, just as she did as the elected Democratic Party committeewoman for Senate District 13. She will do more than just stand up to Republicans – she’ll run circles around them.

On March 1, vote for a champion:
Democrat Jolanda Jones for State Representative, District 147.

Jolanda Jones won three national college championships to break Olympic champion Jackie Joyner Kersee's record of two NCAA titles and become the top-rated U.S. heptathlete. Now Jolanda is carrying the torch to Austin to be a champion for affordable health care, better jobs, safer streets and stronger schools – for all of us.


“I’ve dedicated my life to providing and protecting basic rights and opportunities for all Texans. It’s a battle that continues – and I need Jolanda Jones to carry on the fight in the Texas House of Representatives. Jolanda Jones is a warrior for the people and I am proud to endorse her for State Representative, District 147.” – State Senator Royce West

“We need Jolanda Jones in Austin now more than ever. She’s a warrior. She knows who’s side she’s on and the people know it. When the going gets tough Jolanda will be there. I’ve seen her in action because we’ve tried cases across Texas together & I can hardly wait to see her at the back mic taking apart Trump-Republicans.” – Craig Washington, Former Congressman, State Senator & State Representative

“We need Jolanda Jones in the state legislature to help keep our families safe. Jolanda gets it. She’s been a victim of crime herself and has fought hard for crime victims. Jolanda will navigate the treacherous politics in Austin to support good policing, reform our criminal justice system, help keep all of us safe at home, at work and in school.” – May Walker, Harris County Constable

Run Sister Run Political Action Committee

Run Sister Run
Political Action Committee

Houston Black Firefighters Association


With Jolanda Jones on our side, we stand a fighting chance in Austin. Jolanda Jones will carry the torch to Austin to protect our right to vote, expand access to affordable health care, give our kids a first-class education, and more.


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