With Jolanda Jones on our side, we stand a fighting chance in Austin. Jolanda Jones will carry the torch to Austin to protect our right to vote, expand access to affordable health care, give our kids a first-class education, and more.

Voting Rights: Opposing any unnecessary barriers to voting

  • Working to ensure increased access to the ballot by promoting legislation that will expand voting rights
  • Replacing our opt-in voter registration system with an expanded and more inclusive opt-out system
  • Restoring individuals voting rights who have served time in prison
  • Fighting against laws that will hinder access to the ballot
  • Fighting to protect the federal Voting Rights Act

Healthcare: Ensuring health care is affordable and accessible to all Texans

  • Reducing health disparities for low-income Texans and people of color
  • Simplifying access and entry to Children’s Medicaid & CHIP
  • Expansion of Medicaid and healthcare coverage of our uninsured population
  • Increasing mental health and substance abuse services

Public Education: Always a champion for our kids

  • Raising pay for teachers and all public-school employees
  • Opposing the use of public money for private school vouchers
  • Improving access to trade programs, vocational training, and community colleges
  • Crafting policies to close the learning gap for students
  • Ensuring our schools are safe from gun violence
  • Closing the digital divide in public education

Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform: Fighting for our kids, families and seniors

  • Supporting legislation to eliminate guns from falling into the wrong hands
  • Driving policies that enforce good policing and reforming our criminal justice system
  • Support reforms for reentry into society for the workforce for the formerly incarcerated
  • Fixing a broken juvenile justice system
  • Rebuilding trust in the judicial process.

Women’s Health: Empowering women’s bodies, voices and rights

  • Standing up for a woman’s right to choose
  • Expanding the availability of quality postpartum and prenatal care for women
  • Supporting resources and funding for women owned small businesses
  • Fighting for equal pay protections to ensure women are paid fairly

Economic Development: Advancing small and minority owned businesses

  • Advocating for the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) program which helps to foster the growth of women and minority-owned firms as they seek to do business with the state
  • Ensuring the expansion and opportunity of small businesses
  • Ensuring Texas remains a top destination to do business with record-setting job growth

Infrastructure: Supporting the development of safe roadways and resilient communities

  • Ensuring the $30 billion of federal infrastructure funding is equally distributed within HD 147
  • Advocating and working to improve local highways, public transit and street infrastructure
  • Protecting and ensuring residents of HD 147 are safe during hurricanes and winter storms